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Injury Recovery and Trauma Camps

Camp Phoenix

A family experience 

Camp Phoenix is an annual Injury and Trauma Recovery camp for families. It supports children, adolescents and adults who have experienced burns, or other life-changing injuries, harm and/or trauma and their family members. Phoenix encourages peer-to-peer and family support, along with professional guidance from volunteers including nurses and psychologists.

Injury and trauma survivors and their family members come together from around Australia for a fun and supportive weekend. 

At Phoenix, families enjoy a wide range of experiences including indoor and outdoor group activities, support and wellbeing sessions and group outings. Phoenix aims to provide participants with a supportive environment in which they can make social connections and enjoy new experiences.

The camp offers opportunities for those who have experienced trauma to meet and share with others who have been through similar circumstances. Participants are welcomed to attend Phoenix with family members.


Camp TANGO (Together Achieving New Goals and Opportunities) is an Injury and Trauma Recovery camp that supports children, adolescents and young adults who have experienced, severe burns, life-changing injuries, harm and/or trauma.

Individuals attend Camp TANGO as single participants and are paired with trained adult mentors/volunteers for the duration of the camp. This program is designed to assist these young people to discover their talents, achieve their goals and experience new opportunities.

Camp TANGO provides a combination of enjoyable recreational activities, leadership and educational opportunities in a fun environment, as well as social connection and crucial support to assist participants in developing their self-esteem, overall wellbeing and confidence.

Camp TANGO provides opportunities for children aged from 6 to 16 and young adults aged from 17 to 23. 

Camps provide survivors with the practical tools they will need to create sustainable pathways to a healthier and happier lifestyle including:

  • healthy eating and nutritional advice 
  • fitness and wellbeing tips and plans
  • good hygiene practices
  • goal setting strategies
  • education and career opportunities

Survivors leave their camp experience ready to take on the world. Many of the survivors are regular attendees and cannot wait to reconnect with their mates at the next KIDS camp.

TANGO Skills Workshop

The skills workshop is part of the TANGO program providing a combination of enjoyable activities, education, social connection and support to assist participants in developing their self-esteem and confidence. The TANGO skills workshop also focus on learning, developing and building upon age appropriate and relevant life skills.