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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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To ensure we are all representing the values and goals of KIDS, we require you to agree to the following conditions:

Fundraising for the KIDS Foundation

Representation and Responsibilities

Before you start your fundraising activities, you must register with the KIDS Foundation (KIDS) and obtain our written approval to proceed. Fundraising for KIDS is open to all members of the public who wish to support our cause. Fundraising efforts for KIDS does not imply affiliation with the organisation. Please be aware that all your fundraising activities must be conducted in your name and are your responsibility. When you register your fundraising plans, you agree to release KIDS from all liability, claims and costs that may arise from your activities. KIDS’ insurance does not cover fundraising activities conducted by external parties. This means that while your fundraising efforts are welcome and greatly appreciated, they will not be covered by KIDS insurance. Additionally, should you choose to create a challenge-based fundraiser, you acknowledge that you take sole responsibility for ensuring that any challenge/s entered into in order to fundraise for KIDS are appropriate and do not risk the safety of any participant/s – including your own. KIDS does not accept liability for injury or damages that may be caused directly or indirectly through activities associated with challenge fundraising initiatives. KIDS is not able to take an active role in co-ordinating your fundraising activities, soliciting prizes, organising publicity, or providing goods, services or celebrities. Please abide by all local legislation and obtain any permits, licences, insurance and/or authorities that may be required in your State/Territory. Legislation varies from State to State and it is your responsibility to check this in advance and make sure you comply. Please provide copies of any permits with your Fundraising Registration Form. Your fundraising activities must be moral and ethical and not involve nicotine, sex or armament industries.

Truthful Information

You agree to provide full and truthful information during registration, including your full name and contact information. This information ensures that KIDS can contact you in the event of any issues arising with your fundraising event/s and ensures the proper representation of the organisation. KIDS will handle all information in accordance with its privacy policy, which can be viewed here. Should you be under the age of 16 at the time of enquiry, please advise contact details of parent or guardian. If your contact information changes, you can contact the fundraising team at KIDS at any time. If you later decide to do something different from the activities detailed on your Fundraising Registration Form, it is important that you let us know and then wait for approval to proceed with your revised plans.

Financial Matter

Direction of Funds

All funds raised go directly to KIDS, in order to help keep children safe and create a better life for those living with serious injury and burns. As with all online donations, a small fee will be subtracted from the donation in order to securely process the payment.

Record Keeping

It is a legal requirement to keep a written record of offline fundraising activities. This should include:

  • the purpose of the activities
  • the registered fundraiser’s full name and address
  • the Authority to Fundraise Letter
  • an accurate statement of income and expenditure
  • the total amount raised the details of its deposit

Once your fundraising activities are complete, please transfer the proceeds and send a statement of income to KIDS within 14 days.


Receipts for tax-deductible donations (donations of $2 or more) can only be issued by KIDS. If you require us to issue receipts for your supporters, please fill in the Donor Receipt Form and return to us. Please be aware that it is not possible to issue tax receipts if goods or services are received in return for the money given (e.g. entry tickets, auction items, raffle tickets, etc.).

Collecting Donations

Donations can be collected in the form of cash, or cheques and money/postal orders made payable to ‘KIDS Foundation’. You are not permitted to approach the general public with door-to-door, street or telephone collections. Please always make clear how and what proportion of the money you raise will be used, e.g. ‘100% of net proceeds will be donated to KIDS Foundation’. If you are collecting cash or cheques, please keep them safely and then send them to KIDS, accompanied by full records of your income and expenses, within 14 days of completing your fundraising activities.


Please be aware that you may not incur any expenses in the name of KIDS. You may deduct essential costs incurred in the set-up of your fundraising activities, as long as these are properly documented and ‘fair and reasonable’. Please do not use any donations you collect for KIDS to pay your expenses as we will only be able to issue receipts to donors if we have received their donations in full.

Communications in Accordance with KIDS

Use of KIDS Foundation Identity

In referring to or promoting KIDS in your communications, please use the words ‘KIDS Foundation. You may use a KIDS logo on your fundraising materials or products, but only with our prior written approval to do so. You may also include a line of copy on your fundraising materials and products to clarify that your registered activities are in support of KIDS, e.g. ‘100% of the event net proceeds will be donated to the KIDS Foundation.’ Allowing 10 days for turnaround, please submit any materials or products on which you propose using copy that includes our name for our review and approval before they are produced and circulated.

User-Submitted Content

User-submitted content should be appropriate for a general audience. You agree that any visual or written material supplied by you and posted for your event is not to be offensive (including remarks that may be considered to be defamatory or prejudiced) and does not promote illegal activity in any way. Do not post graphic imagery or adult content.

You are responsible for ensuring that any materials supplied by you do not infringe upon the copyright of another person. Ensure that you only submit your own materials that you own outright, or that you have permission to reproduce. KIDS does not accept responsibility for any breach of copyright of user-submitted content.

Use of Promotional Materials

You agree that if you choose to use promotional materials provided by this website (including promotional flyers and web graphics) that they be used in accordance with the policies of any third party websites where you may choose to post them; and/or laws and bylaws governing any physical premises where you may wish to post them; and that you adhere to any relevant laws regarding unsolicited e-mail. In short — don’t spam, and ensure that if you advertise your fundraising event using web or printed flyers, that you have permission to post them.

Fair Use Policy

You agree to use the information and supporting materials from KIDS for their stated purpose only — to raise awareness of and raise valuable funds to empowering children to prevent and recover from injury and trauma, contributing to the work of KIDS.

Supporting fundraising information provided by KIDS gives users the tools to create and deliver fundraising events in order to advance their event goals. If it is determined that one or more event/s have been created with little indication of the intent to fundraise legitimately, KIDS reserves the right to address the event/s in question and may withdraw their involvement.

Any event/s that utilise user-supplied materials that are not considered to be conducive to the stated goals of KIDS, or considered to be communicating ulterior messages will be requested to be revaluated or cancelled.

Media and Public Relations

KIDS would be happy to discuss any ideas you may have in relation to media materials and distribution outlets. We are not, however, responsible for securing media coverage or public relations support for your fundraising activities. Any media material and releases you produce must be approved by KIDS before they are circulated.

Corporate Sponsorship and Support

If you are seeking support for your fundraising activities from business organisations, please make it clear that while KIDS is to be the beneficiary, YOU (not KIDS) are organising and conducting the activities. This is an important distinction and we ask that you respect it, so as not to misrepresent KIDS, or jeopardise existing or prospective sponsorship arrangements.

Celebrities and KIDS Representatives

Please do not approach public personalities for involvement in your fundraising activities without first discussing this with KIDS. It is additionally important not to approach celebrities using the name of KIDS without our prior written approval.

Breach of Terms

If you breach the terms of this agreement KIDS reserves the right to reassess your fundraising event enquiry, potentially suspending the event without notice.
You agree to indemnify us (which includes our officers, employees and volunteers), and hold us harmless, from and against all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs (including legal fees) arising out of any breach of the terms and conditions by you, or your use of this website, or the use by any other person using your registration details.

Changes to This Policy

Any future updates to this policy will be published online.