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SeeMore Safety is an Injury Prevention program designed to equip the next generation with experiences to empower them to build self-worth, wellbeing, resilience, relationships and friendships that allows them to become responsible risk takers.  

It is evidence based and supports children to develop their Safety Risk Intelligence (SRI) through a range of SeeMore Safety resources that educate them about safety, hazards and risks.

With so many children having access to our resources it is important for the KIDS Foundation to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the SeeMore Safety Program.  

To measure the program’s effectiveness, KIDS conducts the SRI test on a cross-section of children involved in the SeeMore Safety Program.  

If you would like to be part of our ongoing research program, please contact us.

The research we conduct takes around 2-4 minutes per child and involves them deciding if an image is safe or unsafe. Research centres are encouraged to read the SeeMore Safety books with the children and discuss the safety areas highlighted in the text. This discussion then helps the children establish their response to each image. 

 (Sample question from the research program)

Is this boy safe or unsafe?