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The SeeMore Safety education program is an internationally-recognised early year’s safety education program that focuses on learning through literature and real-life experiences. The program is aimed at 4 to 6 year old children and nurtures a ‘think safe, play safe’ attitude in kindergarten and preschool aged children. 

It encourages students to assess their environment, identify safe and unsafe behaviours so that they can take responsibility for their own safety. SeeMore Safety is research driven with data that supports its success. The SeeMore Safety program educates children about safe and unsafe behaviours which they encounter in everyday activities through literature and games and has an ongoing evaluation process.  

By the end of 2020, thanks to funding from the Federal Government’s Department of Health, 400,000 take-home activity booklets and resource packs were distributed to 10,000 early childhood education centres around Australia. 

In 2024, through our own fundraising efforts, we will be delivering resources to 5000 centres across Australia potentially reaching over 200,000 children and their families. 

During a SeeMore Safety incursion, The children interact with SeeMore Safety, the KIDS Foundation safety mascot. The class will also participate in activities and games to learn about safe practices and injury risks. SeeMore takes children on a journey that focuses on lifelong safety conceptualisation.

The program:

  1. Develops the ability in children to take agency for their safety by identifying, acknowledging and responding in a calculated way to dangerous situations.

  2. Supports parents and members of the broader community to share in the learnings of the children undertaking the program.

To learn more about the SeeMore Safety Program speak with a KIDS Foundation educator, please email education@kidsfoundation.org.au

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