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KIDS Celebrate 30 Years

Camp Phoenix - 30 Year celebration

A reflection from Dr. Susie O'Neill OAM - KIDS Founder and CEO

"Camp Phoenix 2023 showed us what an incredible group of survivors, with remarkable courage, beautiful resilient spirits, and a strong determination for the positive can achieve. Compassionate strangers coming together to recover and rebuild to their new normal. 


These young people are not just ordinary, they are extraordinary, who, in a second had their lives changed forever. KIDS is a family that exists to provide unconditional love and support to the children and families that need us. There are 2 kinds of people in this world Victims and Survivors, you get to choose - our people are survivors. The KIDS Team is passionately, truly, and deeply invested in their wellbeing, connecting with the children and their families to bring out their best through their tragedies.  


There was an overwhelming abundance of forgiveness rather than revenge, even though many are living with the most unimaginable injuries and trauma, due to the actions of others. We saw these people getting on with their lives, catching up and making new friends. If everyone had their spirit the world could only be a better place. 


As we said our goodbye’s, on our unforgettable time we are reminded of the best things in life, the beautiful people we got to meet, beautiful place we stayed, and the beautiful memories we've made to hold on to forever."

22 August 2023
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