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A podcast dedicated to risk - and us - thanks Harry!

Risk taking stories worth listening to...  

Richard 'Harry' Harris OAM has dedicated his adventure podcast to us and we are super thrilled.

Richard and the team at KIDS share the same philosophy that bubble-wrapping today's youngsters is not helping them to grow in to strong, safe and independent contributors to society and that understanding risk and letting 'kids be kids' has so many amazing benefits.

Harry has created a podcast that is now available in a fun visual / video format to showcases risk-takers, people who live and breath adventure. Each of his guests believe the benefits of being a responsible risk-taker - climbing high, going fast and challenging ourselves - far outweigh the risk and their stories are testament to this.

Get on board, watch and listen to Harry as he talks with people like 'The Grinning Dingo" Davo Johnson, his friend and rescue-partner Richard Challen, big wave surfer Russell Ord and foreign correspondent Hugh Rimington.

Risk is integral to making us stronger, more resilient and better able to cope with the stresses of daily life.  

Dr Harry OAM

2019 Joint Australian of the Year, Anaesthetist and cave-rescuer


Who is Harry?

Dr Richard “Harry” Harris is an Adelaide based anaesthetist. He has expertise in diving, wilderness, aeromedical and remote area health. His passion for cave diving goes back to the 1980’s and has taken him to the corners of the globe in search of new adventures.  Harry has a strong interest in search and rescue operations, establishing the first sump rescue training course in Australasia. By building relationships with emergency services locally he has been preparing for such an event. The 2018 Thailand cave rescue was an opportunity to put this training to work.  In 2018 he received the Star of Courage, Australia’s second highest civilian award for bravery, and the medal of the Order of Australia for his role in the Thailand cave rescue. Harry was the 2019 Australian of the Year for South Australia and the joint 2019 Australian of the Year with his dive partner Craig Challen and is a KIDS Foundation ambassador.  

21 October 2021
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