Injury Free Day is Wednesday October 18 this year. It is an annual event that aims to highlight safety and encourage school communities to be safe at school and at home - and to pass these lessons onto their families.
It promotes the importance of injury prevention awareness in the preschool, school and community. KIDS Foundation encourages preschools and schools to always strive to be Injury Free. However, during October, Community Safety Month, the Injury Free campaign is delivered to preschools and schools nationally to place an extra emphasis on the importance of injury prevention. Did you know that each year an average of 35,000 children visit hospital emergency departments and many more are injured and treated at home?  
Preschools and schools can nominate a day in October to promote safety and celebrate IF Day. Celebrating IF Day gives preschools and schools across the country the opportunity to raise safety awareness and contribute to reducing the incidence of childhood injury.
In past years, an average of 600 schools and preschools have registered to be a part of Injury Free Day and have received a free IF Day school resource. The resource is filled with great ideas to help promote safety awareness and injury prevention within schools.
To register for IF Day 2017 and to join in the fun, please go to


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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