Bailey's Mt Kosciuszko hike for KIDS 2017
Young Bailey is setting his goals high and plans to hike Australia's Eleven Highest Peaks including Mt Kosciuszko to try and raise $11,000, $1,000 for each peak.Last year Bailey walked his first Marathon at the age of 9 and raised nearly $5,000.
This year he is going to take on a new challenge, hiking Australia's Eleven Highest Peaks including Mt Kosciuszko and try and raise $11,000, $1,000 for each peak.
Bailey says it's all for some really special kids I met like Natasha, Brock, Fletcher and Spencer, who all share traumatic burns injuries.
"Last year I raised enough money for the KIDS Foundation to send 10 children to a camp for children with burns and other serious injuries. The camps help them cope with their injuries.
"It will take me 3 or 4 days to complete, with some of my family joining me" says Bailey.
Bailey is 9 years old and he is on the mission of a lifetime. Baileys mission is to walk 43km from Daylesford to Ballarat Victoria on Sunday 6th of March 2016 to raise seriously needed funds for the KIDS Foundation.

Here is Baileys story:
A 9 year old, Bailey Tuddenham is walking 43kms from Daylesford to Ballarat on the 6th of March to raise money for his chosen charity that support the most courageous and inspirational young Australians that have endured trauma most cannot imagine.
In November 2015 Bailey went to Queensland to watch his Mum, Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents compete in the Noosa Triathlon. Here he met Natasha, Brock, Fletcher and Spencer, four young people that share an uncommon bond. The first thing most notice when they meet these children is their skin, disfigured by traumatic burns injuries. Natasha, Brock, Fletcher and Spencer were in Noosa to thank the competitors that were racing in the triathlon for the KIDS Foundation, one of the events affiliated charities. After meeting these children Bailey asked if he could raise money for the KIDS Foundation to send these children to a camp that the KIDS Foundation runs annually.
Bailey decided to do a 43km walk to raise money. With support from his parents he has organized everything himself. He chose the course, start place, support crew and even created a fundraising page, to date he has reached more than $800 and aiming to raise $2,000.
There can't be too many kids who have completed a marathon before the age of 10. If there were more children like Bailey, who instead of being stuck on iPhones and iPads, got outside and make a difference, the world would be a better place.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

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