Seemore Safety Education Program

“Teach me how to be safe, or how will I learn?”

The SeeMore Safety program has been developed for preschool classes. It focuses on learning through literature using everyday situations and experiences. Children interact with the SeeMore Safety mascot in storybooks and participate in activities and games to learn about safe practices and injury risks. Through the mascot, SeeMore Safety, and our suite of children’s books, we take children on a journey that focuses on lifelong safety conceptualisation.

The program:

  1. Develops the ability in children to take agency for their safety by identifying, acknowledging and responding in a calculated way to dangerous situations
  2. Supports parents and members of the broader community to share in the learnings of the children undertaking the program.

Thank you to all the Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres that have applied for the SeeMore Safety Resource this year. 

Stay Safe.

2020 Educator Letter 

2020 SeeMore's Tips

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