Congratulations to the following winners of Crown's Mother's Day Lunch Raffle (Permit No. 10208/18) held on Friday, May 11 at Bistro Guilluame, Melbourne. 
All proceeds were donated to the KIDS Foundation:

1st prize - Lauren Welsh 

2nd prize - Jane Kennedy

3rd prize - Alma Kairouz

4th prize - Rebecca Amos

5th prize - Guillaume 

6th prize - Prue Fletcher

7th prize - Virginia Gibson

8th prize - Julia Monasso

9th prize - Lil Romano

10th prize - Christo Gibson

11th prize - Jessica Reid

12th prize - Edwina Machado

13th prize - Leanne Wittison

14th prize - Anthony Callea

15th prize – Maryanne Giannerelli

16th prize – Pat Stragalinos

17th prize - Jo Hall

18th prize - Bridget Duclos


Pictured (LtoR): First prize winner Lauren Welch, KIDS Foundation Founder and Managing Director, Susie O'Neill, Patti Newton and KIDS Board Member, Jo Stuckey.


Monday, May 14, 2018

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